Daniel Benjmain

Daniel Benjamin is a 25 year old musician from Southern Germany. Playing over 400 shows all over Europe and all kinds of different instruments in his former bands he was able to collect enough experience to start his „solo“ project where he writes, plays, sings and records his music completely on his own. Combining simple songwriting with wild sound experiments and beautiful melodies with unexpected structures, Daniel Benjamin creates a unique soundtrack for your mind. Live he plays with different line-ups, trying to fit into each circumstance given by promoters: with a full band, as duo or solo, always trying to reinvent the shape of a live show and its instrumentation. Already as a kid Daniel was a curious music fan who since the age of 10 bicycled to the next village´s record store regularly and bought almost all cheap records he could get. Some of his still favourite bands like Daniel Amos and The Choir were discovered back then and helped him create an own understanding of music without having radio and tv.

At the age of 14 he started recording his first music and writing his first songs. As he put all his energy into his first two bands it wasn´t before summer 2003 that he finally made his long kept idea become real and recorded 8 songs for his first „solo“ demo called „the field e.p.“ In September 2003 Daniel recorded four songs for a collaboration e.p. with the U.S. group Norfolk&Western; which was released as „the ocean e.p.“ For his first show in Norway in June 2004 he recorded 6 songs for the next demo called „the city e.p.“, followed by „the mountain e.p.“ in July. In December 2004 and January 2005 Daniel Benjamin went touring Germany and The Netherlands for 28 shows and released his first official single called „lightning strike me ep“.

In February 2005 the next tour as support of US singer-songwriter Denison Witmer took place. In December 2005, finally, he released his first full length album, simply called „Daniel Benjamin“. It features new versions of songs he had already released as demos as well as live favourites and a lot of new songs. The whole material was recorded and engineered by Daniel himself, except for two songs that were produced by German jazz legend Don Philippe (known from being one third of German´s no 1 soul band Freundeskreis). The whole thing was mixed by Bernhard Hahn, a friend of Daniel´s who has worked with everyone from funny German rock bands like Pur to international super stars like The Mars Volta. With this release Daniel has already got some record label attention but he decided to wait a little longer and choose the best of all offers to get a record company that is able to help him build up a life enduring little career.