Best Business Ideas in Canada for 2020


The increase in technology and the inspiration for young minds have seeded the idea of new business and business technologies in almost all business minds across the world. The world is getting highly automated to reduce manpower and to perform tasks – whether household or business tasks more efficiently and accurately. Canada is one such place that has discovered innovative and trending ideas for business in 2020. We will discuss some of the brilliant ideas in this article stick with us till the end!

Supply Chain Development using Blockchain Technology

supply chain

As most of us know, Canada is continuously into the supply chain and import-export business of natural resources and finished goods. The current process of exporting and importing these goods, takes tremendous amounts of time, through the customs. This innovative idea of using blockchain technology helps in keeping track of the package, from reputable suppliers. It would also validate the process, thus assuring the owner in each step of the business. Blockchain is also a blooming technology which is finding meaningful use in various fields already.

Artificial Intelligence Company for Fast Food services

Fast-food employees, not only in Canada but across the world, lead a miserable life. This artificial intelligence-based company can eliminate them from misery and perform the workers’ duties. For example, reading the touch screen menu and understanding voice signals from humans (customers) can replace many front-end jobs of these workers. Although this includes a lot of monetary investment, it is a good deal as there are no daily waging problems and are run on batteries. With the strong support for AI in Canada, there is a massive potential for the business.

Smart Traffic and Road Planning Business

Smart city planning will cater to the use of the latest technologies to make the city automatic and intelligent, without much human intervention. Instead of the regular city planning, the smart city involves the use of sensors, actuators and other technical components. For examples, smart roads will let the authorities know when there is a problem on the street or when a road needs to be fixed, immediately. This also works best during accidents and save money and lives in the long run.

News and Content Rating Site

This is a unique idea in today’s world where fake publishing news is a trend. News channels, online news services, content creators and online journalists concentrate more on the priority and competition, rather than publishing real news. This is leading the way to a lot of fake news being published. This business model will help review the report online from a trusted third-party and rate their content on the website. This approach not only will help improve their source of information but also expose websites that publish fake data.

Independent Immigration Consultant

Immigration is a significant factor that dictates Canada’s economic growth and survival. An immigration consultant from the state, either online, offline or both can not only help the individual but also contribute a ton for the growth of the state.